Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, here are the 2 finished snowmen. I did add blush which made him a lot cuter and I added some jingle bells to his scarf.
I'd like to find some cuter fleece next time. This is what happens when you wait till the last minute and you get the basics.

Well, here is craft #2. He is still in the works also. I got this idea from Family Fun magazine, I think, 2 years ago. I just found the key-hole shaped, brick paver at Menard's this summer. I bought 12 of them-just in case. He looks kinda plain and boring. I'm trying to figure out how to jazz him up a bit. I want to add some blush to his cheeks and maybe an embellishment to his scarf. Some googly eyes instead of the plain black ones? I don't know. We are giving these to O's teachers.

Finished item soon to follow......

Christmas tree ornament

Ok, here are the finished Christmas trees all painted with gems and the star on top! I did drill a small hole right under the star and I strung some green cord thru it.
Packaged and ready to givc away to classmates.

I figured I better post some December crafts before December is over with. This is not finished yet; still in the works.

My daughter and I are making these for her fellow classsmates for their Christmas party on Monday. I still have to add the wooden star on top and drill a hole for the fish string. It is just popsicle sticks glued onto a bigger stick with some press on jewels. Easy and cute!

Finished item soon to follow.....

Baking Gals Round 15

Spritz cookies.
Christmas card.

USA proud!

Wrapped and ready to go!

Everything all together. There are peanutbutter cookies as well as some chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas cookies...

I just love this blue frosting and the sprinkles!