Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey puppet - a project gone wrong in more ways than one...

 We decided to make turkey puppets today.  A project so easy and classic in time.  Everything started out good, then got bad.
 They glued on the googly eyes, the beak, the feathers and the back of the feathers I just free handed.
 Ok, here is where things went wrong.  1st, I had them glue on the wrong side of the paper bag.  The flap should of been in the front and not the back.  DUH!  My old age is catching up to me I guess.  Then I also free handed the waddle or beak or whatever it is called and as soon as I saw it on the turkey, I laughed out loud.  Is your mind in the gutter too?  Cause mine was.  Not the best shape I know.  At least they had no idea what was wrong.  As you can see in the last picture, I tried to fix it, but, I don't think it's any better.  Oh well, can I say he still looks cute?  LOL!

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