Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little House on the Prairie

The picture above, that I found on Pinterest (which is a post in and of itself) is what inspired this Little House on the Prairie learning unit.  You can find the above picture at The Crafty Crow.
I had scraps of square fabric, so, the clothes were actually miniature size.  But, they still worked out and were still cute!   There were pants, a shirt and 2 style dresses.  We also used the mini clothes pins.
I got these bonnets from my mom.  She had them in storage.  I think maybe I played with them as a kid, I don't remember.  She said she thought that my Grandma made them for some church event.  She was an excellent sewer!

I actually found this washboard at a local thrift store for $7. 

They had a fun time doing this.  My 5 year old really got into.  She wore her bonnet all day and pretended she was a prairie girl.  When she was washing clothes, she kept saying, "darn stain, get out."
Next, they hung them on their clothesline.  I took 2 dowels that I had and strung twine between them.

This one loved to play in the water!

And that is the end of our Little House on the Prairie unit.

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