Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tie dye

One of the things to do on our summer fun list was to tie dye a t-shirt. We got the t-shirts, rubber bands and the Rit dye. I put the dye in spray bottles. Although, the last time I remember doing tie dye, I was in elementary school (which was AGES ago) and I remember using a bucket.

The skinny one, I folded the t-shirt accordian style. I guess I wasn't really thinking that when I was squirting the shirt, that I shouldn't have gotten the dye into the folds-just the outside. I didn't figure that out till I was almost done. As you can see in the picture below, the orange with the white stripes is the way it's supposed to be. Not the solid colors.

This one, I just bunched some of the t-shirt to make the cirlces. That didn't work to well either.
I guess I envisioned something way better. As I always say, live and learn. They will make nice night shirts for the kids.

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