Sunday, July 11, 2010

We all scream for homemade ice cream

I bought this ice cream maker ball because you can make it literally anywhere. No need for electricity. I got the MEGA ball which makes a quart.

All you need is cream, sugar and vanilla for the ice cream and then ice cubes and rock salt to make it cold.

We rolled it around the living room floor for 15 minutes and then opened it to scrape the sides which were already hard with ice cream, but, the middle is still very soft at this point. So, we rolled again for another 15. I used half & half and probably needed to roll the ball longer.

It was really soft serve ice cream. I would of liked it a little harder, but, the taste was fantastic!

We each had our own little glass and we even saved some for dad!
Next time, can't wait to add some cookies or candy inside-YUM!
Here is a link to the product.

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