Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Day treats

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make both of my daughter's teachers (6 total)  these cute chinese take out boxes filled with fortune cookies.  Since I don't eat Chinese food, I had no idea where to buy the cookies.  But, alas, our Super WalMart had them.  I even tried one to see if they were good and they were.  I dipped them in dark chocolate and the girls put the sprinkles on. I saw the idea here!
p.s.  those pretzels were for moi!

I put 6 in a ziplock baggie and then put them in the container.  I wanted them to stay fresh.
I also had to make Jello jigglers for my one daughter's class party.  Honestly, I have never made them before. They were actually easy and they turned out perfect.  Strawberry hearts-Mmmm!  When I signed up to make the jigglers, that was the only thing left to sign up for.  The teacher said that was always the last thing to be taken.  I wonder why?  I know I'll do it again.

For my daughter's Valentine's for her class we used this free printable from here.
It was a tic-tac-toe game.  She was able to write who it was for and her name on the topper.  We made 12 of these. I wish I had taken more pictures of this.  
Since my daughter is only 3, I thought these would be perfect for the kids in her class.  I fell in love with the idea from here.  I could not find the individual shovels anywhere, maybe they don't even come like that, but, once again, WalMart came thru.  They were attached to buckets for $1.  Thank God I only needed 6.  So, now I have 6 buckets at home.  They will  be good for the summer I'm sure.  I put M&M's in a clear party bag and cut it down and then tied it with Twine.  I wrote on it with a paint pen and signed her name very small on the back of the shovel.  Who wouldn't want one of these?

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