Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New puppy & FREE printables

 Both of my girls got these puppies yesterday from TRU.  They had some gift cards from their birthdays.  The other dog is all white.  They make dog noises; barking, panting, etc.  It is actually pretty cute and they walk in a circle and come back to you.  Well, wouldn't you know, I just happened to find these fabulous FREE printables to go along with the new puppies.  Hop on over to trillustrations and see the beautiful work that she does.  She also offers lots of FREE printables! I heart her!
{Just FYI, the colors of the bones, etc. look off because my ink was on it's last leg.}

O. had a great time playing with this little set.


  1. I was trying to find these dogs on line before I asked a silly question but couldn't find them. Do they act like real dogs?

  2. LOL! Not really. They just yip and pant and they walk in a circle.