Friday, May 21, 2010

cArNiVaL bake sale

My daughter's school had a carnival tonight and they also had a bake sale, so, I volunteered to bake something. I had received the Betty Crocker website from a friend awhile ago and decided to look there for ideas. Sure enough, there were these cute, green little froggie cupcakes staring at me and saying, bake me, bake me! So, I gave it a try. I had to go a step further than what the recipe called for. They had used mini GREEN Nilla wafer cookies for the eyes. I couldn't find any in the store other than orange & purple. So, I bought the original wafer and dipped them in green melting chips. (see picture above) They weren't perfectly round, but, they did the job.

I used green buttercream frosting and stuck the cookies in standing up.

Then, I used white chocolate melting chips that I had left over from my pretzels and did that as the background of the eye. The red center is a Red Hot.

I probably should of used red icing instead of the red gel for the mouth. It wan't very bright, but, again, that is all I had on hand and I think it worked out just fine.
I also dipped some pretzels too.

I packaged 6 pretzels in a clear party favor bag.

Here are my guys sitting on the table waiting to be bought. They all went to some happy kids home.

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