Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spray painting

Well, I found another GREAT website to follow, I found her thru facebook actually, another one of my faves. ;)

We decided to make some ART! We took spray bottles and put in some acrylic paint and added some water to dilute it. At first, I put in too much water, so, I had to add more paint. I wish I had some more bottles for more colors.

I'm not sure what kind of paper would of been best, but, we just had some big Crayola paper laying around.

O. really got into it after awhile. I told her she was creating ART! She loved it!

I thought this was cool looking. All the colors pooled at the bottom of the easel.

It happened to be a very windy day, hence the tape on the paper.

We have these hanging in our house by our ARTIST!

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