Friday, June 25, 2010

Jackson Pollock art

I found this idea over at paint cut paste and was excited to have the kids try it. It is splatter painting onto canvas, inspired by artist, Jackson Pollock. You could also use anything else like a cloth sheet, paper, etc.

I always have to take a picture of my supplies-is that weird? I guess I just love all the colors! We used paper plates then squeezed some acrylic paint onto them and diluted it with a little bit of water.

Here we go. I told her she couldn't touch the paintbrush to the canvas. I just kept yelling (in a nice tone of course), "splatter harder" and she would whip the brush. We used different sizes of brushes too. The bigger bristles gave you more splatter than a tiny brush did.

The little one couldn't splatter it as hard.

Must of been the way she was 'splattering'. It ended up all over her feet. But, it washes right off.

Here are their masterpieces! We are going to hang them in our house somewhere.
I heart canvas!

I was thinking after, that I should of wrote their names and dates on them in the corner first and then they could of splattered. But, I can still do that.

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