Monday, August 30, 2010

Couples baby shower

{First off, I apologize for the bad photography. I have an old digital camera that is on it's last leg.}

Anyway, a friend of mine hosted a couples baby shower for some friends of ours on Saturday. They already know it's a GIRL, so, we had fun decorating.
Part of my gift was the onesies. We hung them from ribbon with some clothespins adorned with some cute cut outs. I actually used a 1" and 2" circle punch and flower was cut from my Cricut. I think they turned out really cute! {I need to think of another word besides cute! HA!}

There was a questionnaire about the parents. We also chipped in $5 ea. for a pool. We had to guess when we think the baby will be due, the time and the weight.

My friend made this diaper cake. Adorable!

The parents as babies!
These balloons were later a game. Inside was a piece of paper for charades. I got "getting a baby dressed".

Addison is the name they picked out. I made the banner on my Cricut.

All the men participated in a beer drinking game from a baby bottle.

We also cut this streamer to how big we thought the mommy's tummy was. The dad was right on.

Dipped marshmallows in pink, white chocolate with pink sanding sugar.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Cupcake toppers made with my Cricut. There were little gems on top of the crown and in the middle of the flowers.
A fun time was had by all! Congrats to Lisa & Chad!

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