Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden signs

 My husband has been wanting a garden since last year and this year he finally put one in.  It's not a very large garden and we only have 5 things growing.  But, nontheless, it's kinda exciting.  I'm just excited about the green beans!  Mmm mmm!  My husband and the kids tend to it a lot more than I do.  Although, I did pick weeds the other day.  I thought the garden needed a 'crafty' touch, so, I Googled images for garden signs and found these adorable little ones.  Even more better was that we had everything on hand already.
 I had the girls paint the sticks for me.  Then I glued the 2 posts on the back.  Next I wrote the name of the vegetable and drew a little picture of it and then Modge Podge'd it.

 Do you see it?  This is actually our first tomato.  It'll be August before we get anything it seems.  The weather hasn't been helping either.
 There you have it, our little garden markers.  I think they are perfect.

 Yes, that is spinach and not weeds.  (haha)

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