Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brick pavers

The girls have been wanting to do this for a week now and we finally got around to it.  I have a dozen, keyhole shaped pavers sitting in my garage.  I first used them here.  What the heck am I going to do with 8 pavers?  Maybe a frog or a turtle or a pumpkin or a ghost.  Maybe even a flag.  I might try that one.
 One decided on the ladybug and the other on the bumblebee.  

 They painted everything except I did the stripe down the center of the ladybug and the eyes I did too.

I did kinda fill in where there wasn't enough paint.
 I thinks these little guys turned out super cute!

 S. wanted to stand hers up on the front porch.  She knew exactly where she wanted it.


  1. Hi! I am thinking of doing this project with my girl scouts. Question, did you have to use more than one coat of base color? And how long did it need to dry before adding the spots and face? Also did you have to apply a clear protectant coat of anything since they could be put outside? It looked as you used acrylic paint? Thank you!!! Michele

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