Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School pencil shaped cake

Both my girls had their 1st day of school this week, so, I decided to make them a special treat!  I'm sure this idea is out there somewhere in magazines or blogs, but, I have had this book forever that everything is made from a cake mix.  This pencil was in the book.  I knew someday I would want to make it.  The pan I have is kinda warped in the middle which makes the cake rise higher in the middle instead of it being level.  So, when I cut the cake and put the ends together, there was a dip in the middle of the pencil.  My loving husband pointed that out to me right away.  Thanks hon!  My daughter is in 4K not 4X.  I know, I know, that is what it looks like.  Oops!  Plus, we had a little glitch with my youngest as you can see in the one picture.  Not a happy camper, but, a little persuading, ok, begging and she was fine.

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