Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog name change...

I am going to be changing the name of my blog. I have never liked the name Mommy's cReAtIvE Mind, I just came up with something quick when I started blogging. In fact, it is very uncreative I think. I am toying with a new name as we speak and am waiting for my talented Graphic Designer friend to come up with a new blog logo for me. I don't have many followers, so, I don't think this will be a big deal. Bear with me folks. Thanks!


  1. i know what you mean...i changed mine a few months into blogging :0 can't wait for the reveal!!xoxo's nancy

  2. Hi, Tina,
    Just wanted to answer your question here in case you didn't see it in the comments on my blog...

    "Hi, Tina~ Not sure if you mean the hats or the flowers...but yes, I do sell the hats:
    $18/when ordering 10+

    Just recently started making the little flower clippies/ me if

    Thanks, Jessica"