Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Subway Art

Subway Art is all the rage in blogland.  I see it everywhere.  Isn't it beautiful!
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Well..... here is my super duper, easy, kid friendly way to do subway art.  I spent $2 on this.  I already had the flat canvas and black paint.  I had gotten the stickers in the dollar section at Target awhile ago and was just going to let the kids stick them on paper.  Then, I started seeing this subway art everywhere.  I thought, I can use these word stickers for this.  I painted my canvas black, helped put the stickers on a little straight and then mod podged it.  I bought the ribbon for $1.

 I think it turned out pretty darned good.  We actually have it hanging in our kitchen now.  Something you can save and use for next year.

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