Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oreo piggies

I was looking thru Country Woman magazine about a week ago (sorry no link).  I came upon this and thought how easy and cute.  I literally spent about 5-10 minutes on these, so that is why they aren't the best.  I actually had all the ingredients on hand except the large marshmallows.  I only had the mini's and had to squish 2 of them together for the nose.  They were delish though!

Directions:  You take an Oreo, twist it apart, dunk your popsicle stick into your melted chocolate and stick onto the Oreo and put the cookie back together.  You do have to wait awhile for it to harden.  I didn't wait long enough for the first one and as I was dunking, it came apart.  For the eyes, use mini chocolate chips and for the nostrils I used M&M's.  You could probably use the mini's for the nose too.  I just cut the mini marshmallow in 1/2 for the ears on a diagonal.

**I now have the link for you all:  Taste of Home

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